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Coming up


Berlin 2020!

We, the Fruit & Vegetable Family, would like to invite you to our stand on the Fruit Logistica 2020 Berlin.

Let’s share our passion for fruits and vegetables. Take a load off and make yourself at home at Hall 3.2 C-09 !


Spanish china cabagge

From the beginning of January until the end of May, we offer you the best Spanish china cabbage from Cohoca.

Experienced packers, best selection and vacuum cooling. That’s what makes a real good box of Chinese cabbage.


Merry Christmas

The people of fruit and vegetables wish you a merry Christmas.

And a successful new year!


Tomatoes from Morocco

When  Autumn  has come   and  the  days  get  darker  and  shorter  again ,and you  miss  your  daily  portion of  sunshine

Zoutewelle  brings  you  your  medicin;

Delicious sun flavoured tomatoes  from Morocco!

Sizes  g/m/mm

As well as   specialties like  cherry/cherryvine /shakers/triangle/babyplum and  beef tomatoes.

Available  from November-May.

Leafy pointed cabbage from Portugal by Evaristo

Best selection, packed in plastic crates with 11/12/15 pieces.

Available from November until May.


Broccoli from Spain

Together with our reliable and experienced supplier Deilor in Spain, Zoutewelle is supplying Spanish broccoli to European markets for many years.

Many packing possibilities: 10×500 / 12×500 / 15×400 / 24×250 / loose / Icepack…

Let us know your interest. For more information: Albert den Braven or ask your account manager.



Brasil melon

In order to provide year round melons to our clients, we will start with our Brasilian melon import program.

Starting in September till February we will be able to offer Yellow Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, Galia, Seeded/Seedless Watermelons and Piel de Sapo melons.

For more information: Bertus Schipper or ask your account manager.



Chinese Honey Pomelo

Chinese Honey Pomelo are back.

Packed exclusively under the label ZZ, this delicious and nutricious fruit will be available till March.

All our pomelo are Global Gap certified.

For more information: Mark van de Corput or ask your account manager.



Grapes from Italy

Start of the Italian grapes season at Zoutewelle!

From the beginning of June until the end of December, we offer you the best Italian grapes.

The first 3 weeks we expect the grapes from Sicily after this area we will start with the grapes from the Puglia area.

Super quality, good brix,  nicely coloured and daily fresh arrival.

This seasons we expect mainly the varieties: Black Magic, Italia, Palieri, Red Globe, Sugarone, Thompson seedless and Victoria.

Don’t be shy, give us a call for up to date prices and availabilities.

For more information: Bertus Schipper or ask your account manager.



Dutch Iceberg Lettuce

Never change a winning team : Same box, same quality, daily fresh supply until November.

On demand: special packaging for processing.

New: This season we can also supply you with Chinese cabbage in 40×60 cartons in Compliment brand!

Of course, wooden boxes also available.

We like to keep you informed every day!

For more information: Martin Boogaard or ask your accountmanager.


 IMG_9287IMG_0863 Satsumas from South-Africa 

Today we kicked off the RSA citrus campaign with the first  satsumas from the Western Cape, super quality ,good brix and nicely coloured.

Come and try our juicy fruit!

Satsumas will be followed up  by our clementines/lemons and oranges in all varieties.

Ask your account manager for more information.


 IMG_2062 (002)

Butternuts squash

From February until June we will have weekly arrivals of butternut squash from South-Africa.

Packed in 10 kg and available in size XL/L/M/S

More information? Keep updated on all arrivals?

Please, ask your account manager.


 IMG_5934Kwaliteit_28678_2_D156E00148A01A0B82160004AC1BAEA9_Photo Sabrosa melons

Also 2018 Zoutewelle will provide melons from Costa Ric, all packed under our Sabrosa label.

We expect the first shipments of Honey Dew and watermelons around the first week of February.

This year we will be able to offer: Honey Dew, Quetzali and Seedless watermelons.

For more information: Bertus Schipper or ask your account manager.